Going Tournamental

What is best? It is a question that has haunted humanity for all of recorded history. Communism or capitalism. Peanut butter or chocolate. Back rub or foot rub. This question has started wars, ended friendships, and , most importantly, inspired countless time wasting arguments over who would win a fight between Rocky and Rambo.

And now this question has launched this blog, where we will rank the unrankable, but them in a tournament bracket, and let the people decide. This starts with the Rock and/or Roll Battle of the Bands All-Star Tournament, in which we decide who the greatest rock artist of all time is. Right now, bands are being ranked, brackets are being seeded and many, many YouTube videos are being watched. You’ll get a few sneak peeks at the tournament seeds and soon, oh so soon, you’ll be able to decide if The Beatles, The Stones, Dylan or one of 125 other candidates is the greatest rock icon of all time.

Here’s a sneak peak at the 75 seed.


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  1. #1 by Ian on February 18, 2011 - 9:26 am

    Check out this site. I think you can create your brackets online stored at a unique URL then just link to or embed them here.

    There’s probably a better one online somewhere.


  2. #2 by tournamental on February 18, 2011 - 9:35 am

    That is actually the one that I’m using. It’s still a work in progress, but the URL is http://challonge.com/rocktourney. It’s pretty user-friendly.

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