2 Elvis Presley vs. 127 Green Day

The second half of the first round commences. I know, I’m also horrified that we’re only halfway through the first round. I’m going to give a few more days for voting on the first-half matches before I close those polls. Then I’ll post the updated bracket as we work the rest of the way through the first round.

The nickname “King of Rock and Roll” kind of sums it up for Elvis. He was the leading figure when rock and roll broke, introducing much of the world to the sound created by African Americans in the 1950s. He released hit records and singles, made movies, made it cool to play Vegas, and influenced scores of artists to come later. He died in 1977 but remains a huge star to this day.

Green Day formed in the late 1980s, and broke through to mass audiences in 1994 with the album “Dookie” as part of a wave of early ’90s punk bands. Their star faded over the next several years before spiking again with the rock opera “American Idiot” in 2004, which sold 14 million copies and won numerous awards. It has since been adapted into a Broadway musical.


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  1. #1 by bryan on April 30, 2011 - 10:17 pm

    I just hate Elvis, as much as he may be influential (which I recognize) I still have to vote for Green Day.

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